BOM can only be extended via Master Recipe

When you are in Process Industry environment the Bill of Material is maintained in a recipe in transaction C202. If you try to maintain it directly through CS02 the system will give you the error: “BOM can only be extended via Master Recipe”.

In some cases it may be necessary to still maintain the BOM in CS02 even though you are in a process environment. To bypass the error where it is not possible to create a BOM once a Master Recipe was maintained for a material implement SAP note 651282. This will allow you to change the status of the message to either warning, error or no message at all.


2 thoughts on “BOM can only be extended via Master Recipe

  1. James Yatson

    I am in need of a procedure where I can remove alternative BOM’s. Either through recipe maintenance or otherwise. As stated you cannot use CS02 to delete BOM’s once a Recipe for a material has been created. I have tried working backwards. First deleting the PV via C223, then deleting the MR without archiving via C298. But CS02 still will not allow me to delete the BOM.

  2. James Yatson

    I want to delete a BOM. It says it can only be done via the master recipe. However the master Recipe and production version were already deleted with C298 and C223. So how can I get rid of the BOM now? I need to change the base unit of measure on the material and then recreate the BOM and recipe.


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