Copy price from purchase requisition to purchase order

SAP does not standard copy the price from Purchase Requisition to  the Purchase Order. It is either the price from contract (if referenced), material master, Inforecord or a previously created PO. To enable SAP to take the price from the PR you should create a function authorization profile in customizing:

1) in SPRO go to Material Management > Purchasing > Authorization Management > Define Function Authorizations for Buyers. Then select Function Authorizations : Purchase Order. Here you can define/restrict what a buyer can do in a PO. Make sure that “Order price adoption” is selected.
Order Price Adoption

Order Price Adoption

2) Also you have to assign the Function Authorization you created to a user. Enter the key as a parameter under the parameter ID EFB in the user master (SU3).
User Profile Parameters

User Profile Parameters

3) Now you are set to go. These settings allow the buyer to select in the PR that the price is taken over in the PO. This is a selection in the valuation tab on item level in ME51N. It is not defaulted!
ME51N - PO Price

ME51N - PO Price


5 thoughts on “Copy price from purchase requisition to purchase order

  1. Richard


    Which version of SAP are you using? I have done the same config as you have described but the adopt ”as net price” is not pulled through onto the purchase requisition. What does the field selection AKTV do?



  2. Sandeep Kuchekar

    Please give me step by step guidance for copying price in p.o. from materail master moving average price.

    Thanks & Regards,


  3. Kowboy Post author

    Sandeeep, The moveing average price is a cost price of inventory which is calculated based on your purchase order receipts. If you want the cost price to be the same as the purchasing price the best is to always stick to the same purchasing price in the price lists. However purchase prices are of course dependent on your vendor.

  4. Cunha


    I try it with external services but it doesn’t work.

    His there any thing more in this case? Thnaks in advance.




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