Inventory Information System

I bet that if half the SAP end-users knew what wealth of stock information is stored in the inventory information system in SAP tons of money could be saved on custom reports (either R/3 or BW). You can find some cool KPIs in there: a.o. stock turnover, dead stock analysis, slow movers, ABC-analysis. Some fundamental data to actually control your stock levels and improve your bottom line by turning stock into (investment) cash. The information system can be accessed from the main menu with transaction code MCC1. Somehow it’s not accessible when in a transaction using n. On a critical note: it is worth checking the correctness of some reports, especially time-phased stock reports may show some funny data. At some point in time “die Leute” at SAP thought they could build a business model around providing a separate information system like BW and don’t spend too much effort on the R/3 info system.


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