Recovery of SD requirements for MRP

At some point in time sales and delivery requirements may get out of sync due to maintenance resulting in planning errors. Usually these errors are found when going through MD04. You will typically find deliveries (collective requirements) that cannot be traced back to original delivery documents.

The proper solution for this is to run report SDRQCR21 (via SE38):

Program SDRQCR21

Program SDRQCR21

  • select the material and plant you wish to run the correction;
  • select the option data transfer when you actually wish to run the correction on the database;
  • select compare always in order to improve performance. Without selecting this the whole database for material/plant will be regenerated;
  • select planning entry to ensure the material is included in the next MRP run;
  • the option Processing per material results in a different log.

After this your MRP overview should be back in sync.


2 thoughts on “Recovery of SD requirements for MRP

  1. ninee

    What is requirement class ? I was reading an article about transfer of requirement, I got the basics that once an organization recieves sales order, for example, the sales order quantity of a particular material passess to the MRP,and if the materail is not available company can procure . But SD and MM interrartion …. what is requirement class ?and what is requirement type ? … Pleease expalin in a very simple practical business scenario example so that we can understand . Thanks, you really expalined individual requirement and planned requirement in an excellent way.


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