Sales Order requirement date to MRP

I’m working in a business process where a sales orders requirement date should never be transferred to MRP with the original customer’s requested date.

Example: at the time of order entry ATP bounces the requested delivery date, since product is not available at the time. The system suggests a new date for confirmation. The customer at this time has the option to agree to the new proposal or a sales order will not be entered. I want this new committed date transferred to MRP.

To do this I select the ‘Fixed date and quantity’-indicator in the Schedule lines tab in VA01. As in my case this should always be the case, in customizing I choose this as a default setting for the specific SalesArea (IMG > Sales and Distribution > Basic Functions > Availability Check… > Availability Check > Availability Check with ATP… > Define Default Settings)

VA01 - Fixed date/qty indicator

VA01 - Fixed date/qty indicator

Without setting the indicator you are basically suggesting that production can still catch up with this additional requirement and the customer’s original requirement date will be transferred to MRP. See also SAP Help.


2 thoughts on “Sales Order requirement date to MRP

  1. Angel Reyes

    Nice tip!

    By the way, do U know some way to get a schedule lines report considering confirmed qty & confirmation date as selection criteria and as part of the output report.

    Thx in advance,



  2. Kowboy Post author

    Hi Angel,

    Thanks for leaving a message.

    With regards to your question: I made this report myself just a couple of months ago using transaction SQVI (quick query building). It’s a really simple report using tables VBAK, VBAP, and VBEP. You can assign this self-made report to a transaction as well. If you are not familiar with this: I’ll create a post on this on my site this week.


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