Screen Capture

Everyone involved in creating work instruction or tutorials know the importance of having a good screen capture tool available. Quickly grab a piece of your screen and drop it in your document. There are some proper tools vailable for FREE : you can choose for a real light program called ScreenHunter that does everything you need at Wisdom Soft. Alternatively you can choose for a program that does a bit more, like directly publish the captured screen on Flickr or your Blog, at Jing Project. It is also able to record video (offered by Wisdom soft through a seperate free utility). Jing is more heavy weight and sluggish though and requires dotNet installed on your machine. Jing is from the creators of Snag-it, so expect some for-pay versions in the future. For simple and fast use ScreenHunter.


One thought on “Screen Capture

  1. Sriram

    I have used the free Wink tutorial-making software from to good effect. This creates small flash presentations which can be replayed in a browser, and hosted easily on the intranet.
    I find with a little practice, you have excellent control over the typing and mouse movement reproduction to make a user-friendly tutorial.


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