ATP on semi-finished materials

Today we learned from SAP Support that it is not possible to distribute dependent requirements through time for Available to Promise.

What does that mean? Well in our case (process industry) it means the following:

We have a material B1 that is made from A1. We sell both items A1 and B1. Since this is process industry we want weekly process orders to become available on a daily basis. Enter distribution function. When we release a process order for B1, SAP neatly distributes the total process order quantity over 7 days of the week. At the same time dependent requirements are created for material A1. When we check the stock/requirement list (MD04) for materials B1 and A1, in both cases SAP distributes the required quantities during the week.

When we do an ATP check (CO09) for material B1 we can see that every day some quantity becomes available. However, for material A1 the dependent requirements from MD04 are not visible anymore The dependent requirement is taken on the first day of production for the full quantity. This seriously disturbs ATP. This leads to a shortage at the beginning of the week that isn’t there in real time.

How on earth is this not supported by standard SAP R/3, since this seems a standard requirement for any material that is both a sales item AND a component?

SAP Notes: 574800, 572347, 77895


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