Planned independent requirement reorganization

You can use the reorganization function to get rid of outdated and/or obsolete planned independent requirements. Furthermore you can delete histories of the requirements from the database.

In these transactions you work with a key date. Requirements before this date are impacted by the transactions. It is possible that a Reorganization Period is set for your plant:
IMG > >Production>Production planning>Planned independent requirements > Define the reorganization interval
You enter here the number of days that the system subtracts from the system date to fix the key date. This setting overrides any manual key date that you enter in the transactions!

6 thoughts on “Planned independent requirement reorganization

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  2. JD Loera

    Is it recommended to clean up the old PIRs right away after changing the forecast consumption days, before we re run MRP, in order to see new PIRs re-created?

  3. Sameer

    I liked the post on reorganization of planned independent requirements. I have one question though, do we always need to use MD74, MD75 and MD76 one after the other to complete the reorganization process?
    In our system we have a background job that executes RM60RR20 (MD74) and RM60RR30 (MD75) in succession. However we do not run RM60RR40 which corresponds to MD75. Do we need to execute RM60RR40 ?
    Thanks and Regards,

  4. Alvaro

    where can I check what is my consumption window?, I might probably already know but since I am using SAP in spanish I have got lost in the translation

    By the way, excelent material you have on your site


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