Purchase order pricing date

Standard purchase order pricing is based on date of purchase order creation. Some vendors let their sales prices be determined by the date on which they deliver the goods (i.e. delivery date). SAP offers standard configuration for this through Pricing date category.

Pricing date categories

Pricing date categories

The two most relevant pricing date alternatives probably are delivery date and goods receipt (GR) date. You can set this category on different locations:

  • Vendor Master – Purchasing tab (MK01)
  • Contracts – Item: Additional data tab (ME31K)
  • Inforecords – Purchasing Org Data 1 tab (ME11)

Since pricing date is usually determined per vendor, setting the pricing date category on vendor level is often sufficient as the value is copied at time of inforecord/contract creation.


One thought on “Purchase order pricing date

  1. Rahul

    If I select the value of ‘Price Determination (Pricing) Date Control’ as ‘GR Date’ (5), what will be the impact on PO pricing. Will the next PO pricing be affected due to these changes.


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