Exclude storage location from ATP

In some cases it may be necessary to exclude a storage location from ATP (and MRP). This is often the case at companies who e.g. keep inventory on materials that are stored in a well-sized showroom. How you can block a storage location for MRP, I explained in an earlier post. This will give you some pointers on blocking for Available-to-Promise.

Unfortunately there is not a simple switch per storage location to block for ATP, as there is for blocking for MRP. So we are looking for alternatives:

  1. Often the stock can be put on ‘blocked’ or ‘restricted use’ stock status. Usually this stock is excluded from the scope of check for ATP on Sales Orders and Deliveries. Otherwise this can be adjusted.

    OVZ9 - Scope of Check

    OVZ9 - Scope of Check

  2. If the previous REAAAALLY doesn’t work for you you can look into EXIT_SAPLV02V_002 for Storage Location Determination. This exit is designed for deliveries and is not easy to implement. Just look at note 415716. Personally I like to stay away from implementing exits that come with pages of notes and disclaimers. But don’t let me hold you back.

If your stock is so special that it shouldn’t be included in ATP, the first option should oftentimes do it for you. It requires that procedure for receipt of goods in this storage location should be slightly adjusted by posting it to special stock instead.


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