Configure label printing

Label printing can be configured in more than one way. It can be done through your regular output determination, but also through SAP’s ‘special’ label printing set up. This post is about the last. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about check out the below screen shot of the labeling settings in the material master’s Plant data 1 tab:

Label settings in Material Master

Label settings in Material Master

Here I can specify a label type and a label form. What these do exactly you can read further on. Before I move on to the customizing settings involved in label printing, let me warn you that this functionality does not go together with labels designed in SmartForm at all! Also we chose for SapScript label since we want to print on Avery A4 label pages. SmartForm does not support this. For this example I will set up label printing for goods receipt in MIRO.

Step 0 – Print Label ‘dashboard’

IMG > Material Management > Inventory Management and Physical Inventory > Print Control > Set label printout

Print Label Dashboard

Print Label Dashboard

The screenshot clearly shows the five step approach to setting this function up. No need repeating the button names. Let’s start with the first step.

Step 1 – Application Object

Application Object

Application Object

In this screen you set up three variables. Best would be to start with copying the standard object to a new object starting with a Z. Oh blasphemy, I didn’t do this for my example! For the sake of it, we’ll move on:

Text ID: If you can, stick to the standard text ID.

Text Name: You can enter a free text in here. When you create a text in the next step the text will be given the name entered here.

Form: Let the developer copy the standard form and enter the new name in here.

Save and return to the dashboard. Onwards to the second step.

Step 2 – Maintain label text

Here you maintain the data that should be passed on to the label form. The Text Object name is the name of the object in the previous step (in this case MM07ET). This is not the Text Name or the Text ID!

Label text

Label text

The text itself can be fixed texts, but also variable data like material number (entered as &MATNR&) or batchnumber (&CHARG&). Make sure your editor is set to SapScript editor. If this is not the case switch to this mode through the menu.

Label text

SapScript Label text

The form is designed such that it knows where to place these data elements. This is developer’s work.

Step 3 – Label Type

Label type is an indicator to how the materials are created. There is no controlling behind the indicator itself. You can define it freely. This is one of the two variables that you assign to the material master’s Plant date 1 tab.

Step 4 – Label Form

This is meant to distinguish between sizes and layout of the labels. Just check if one of the three standard settings look applicable to you. As in step 3, the variables themselves do not determine anything. In combination with the label type it will determine how label quantities are determined. See next step.

Step 5 – Determine quantities

This is an interesting feature. Here you can set for any combination of Label Type and Label Form how the label quantities are determined: procurement quantities (e.g. pallets), stock keeping quantities (e.g. boxes) or manual determined. In this example I picked the manual determined, configured through Number of GR/GI slips to be printed (MSEG-WEANZ). You can display this field in transaction MIGO and enter any number for the number of copies you like.

Label quantities

Label quantities

Now your label control is set up.

Output type

Last thing to check is the Output Type. Standard Output Type for Label Printing is WEE1 (GR Label Vers 1).

Output Type WEE1

Output Type WEE1

There is no need to change anything here. It shows here that label printing is a two step approach with regards to output determination. First Output Type WEE1 refers to Form MM07ET. MM07ET is the Object Name from step 1. Second Object MM07ET links to the Form as copied by the developer and set up in step 1.

Other settings

Make sure that Output Determination is set up for printing the labels (MN21).

Finally the Material Master should include the Label Type and Label Form as set up in the Customizing steps.

Happy label printing!


13 thoughts on “Configure label printing

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  2. vijay

    i have maintained all the label printing setting ,how can we check whether it is working or not,some other software is required,


  3. vijay

    Hi ,
    i have made the setting for one material now i wamt to check label printing
    what label will have ,how can i check this.


    1. Kowboy Post author

      Vijay, you have to enter batch determination rule for the goods movement you wish to apply the label to (usually 101). Then you execute the goods movement in MIGO. If you don’t know how to enter a batch determination rule (compare it with output determination for documents) I will add this to my blog tomorrow. I mention in the post that I assume knowledge on the reader’s part but it will make my post complete if I mention the transaction code (MBC1) to do that as well. Regards, Kowboy

  4. z

    I use SAP v.640. Now I want develop system for print Barcode. But I test print Barcode, output is not barcode. But output is charactor.
    Can you are help me please? or advice solution for me.

    1.Install Barcode font: 3 of 9 on my computer
    2.Set font for SAPLPD
    3.I can preview output on SAP,its Barcode

  5. srinivas bhoopati

    I have done every settings explained for label printing, but where can I see the preview or how can I get the printout

    Best Regards

  6. Martina


    Are you able to explaine me how to display the WEANZ in Migo?

    Everything ist grat, but for this topic I found no explination.
    I tried the se51, but I do not know if this will the right one?

    Thanks a lot


  7. wil718

    All configuration seems to be in place yet the WEE1 condition/output type does not generate on a MIGO goods receipt – the WE01 (material document) does work. Any suggestions on possible new config to check/review for ECC 6.0 with QM & WM? MB90 shows NO records including processing mode 3. Any toughts?
    Thank you.

  8. nithinpm

    Great work, i got what i want from this setting, some extras needed to be done. but got label prints of gr with material no, qty, date of entry DOM, DOE etc. thanks again…


    can you let me know how to populate Vendor name on the goods receipt doc and MIRO invoices CCOUNTING DOCUMENTS?


    Hi There,
    Please can someone shed any light on this?

    Printing Labels (SP01)
    This is for finished goods. Parts are backflushed and the next step is printing the labels on parts (SP01) For some reason the labels dont print on some parts. These parts go into 901 – prod_receipt To get the label out an additional step needs to be done LT01 the parts are moved from 901 to 001.

  11. jim

    I am unable to get a label to print automatically after a “usage decision”, but I can re-print them using MB02 how do I set it up to do it automatically ? ND9?


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