Stock in previous periods: MC.9

Stock in previous periods can be a useful indicator in analyzing your stock positions through time per material or material group. Standard SAP report MC.9 offers this functionality:

MC.9 stock in previous periods

MC.9 stock in previous periods

MC.9 can present you with multiple historical stock levels and values at the end of each period. Important tables for this report are S031 – Statistics: Movements for current stocks, S032 – Statistics: Current Stock and Grouping Terms and S034 – Statistics: Movements for current stocks.

The stock level and value of the previous period is also displayed in the material master’s Accounting 1 tab:

Accounting tab 1 - Stock previous period

Accounting tab 1 - Stock previous period

Important tables here are MBEW and MBEWH, MARD and MARDH or MCHB and MCHBH. The ‘H’-tables represent historical records. If there is not a historical record in the H table, but there is one in the ‘current’  table, the historical value is the same as the current value.

Comparison of stock levels between MC.9 and the material master is rather straightforward. These should match. Comparison of stock value is more complicated. MC.9 offers four valuation methods to choose from. Material master offers another. As a rule of thumb: on plant level the standard value in MC.9 can be compared with the stock value in the material master, accounting view. SAP note 506077 provides some background on stock controlling valuation.

If the values in the material master and MC.9 don’t match, then check the update rules (e.g. for infostructure S031 and S034). How are your periods defined there? This can be found at IMG > Logistics General > LIS > Logistics Data Warehouse > Updating > Updating Control > Activate Update. This is just a pointer, there may be other reasons.

Update period in Customizing for Inventory Controlling

Update period for Inventory Controlling

Update week 7/09

The total of LIS structures and its valuation methods for Inventory Controlling is rather complex. I recommend the following SAP notes if you really need to get acquainted with the workings and get guidance on how to update the structures

SAP Note 64636 – Procedure for statistical data setup in LIS : here

SAP Note 79083 – Setup of statistical data in BCO: Additional information : here

SAP Note 111691 -Material related statistical setup Inventory Controlling : here

SAP Note 456106 – Standard analyses : Display of values : here

SAP Note 512416 – LIS Stock in the past : here

SAP Note 551630 – FAQ : Questions on Inventory Controlling: here


15 thoughts on “Stock in previous periods: MC.9

  1. Dave

    Hello and thanks for this post. I’m trying to use MC.9 for the first time. A plant director wants me to delete a bunch of matierials and I just want to cross reference to make sure stock is zero before deleting. I looked to MC.9 instead of MB5L, but some of the items created for that plant don’t show up in MC.9. Can you tell me why some items created at the plant don’t show up in MC.9 report for that plant? I thought about them not having been created in the period (I am pulling for current month) but maybe the problem is that there has been absolutely no movement.

  2. Dave

    I am back because I am again trying to cross check to confirm zero stocks before deleting articles. My boss insists that I use MC.9 but I think that I should be using MB5L if I want to quickly check stock levels for a bunch of articles. Is there some other transaction I should use instead?

  3. Emmanuel

    Hello Dave,
    If you are just taking current month stock why don’t you use MB52?
    Uncheck “No zero stock lines” to have also zero value lines displayed.

  4. Sagar Nemani


    How to implement SAP Note
    SAP Note 111691 -Material related statistical setup Inventory Controlling :

    we are using 46B and have a single material for which Mc.9 is showing wrong Stock Quantity compare to MMBE.

    Thank You For your help


  5. Mohan Reddy

    can u let me know how to extract SAP MM Imported stock statement? & also pls let me know the t-code for CT3/ARE3
    monthly stk report?

    Thnks & Regards

  6. Nigel Caine

    MC.9 gives a veriaty of stock turn calculations. Where can I find a definition so that I can select the most usefull measure for my business.


  7. chinwchai

    Good work.

    I need to know whether there is any LIS stock report for special stocks such as “Individual customer stock”?(stock type “E”).

    As far as I know, currently MC.9 does not include this special stock(Perhaps I am wrong).

    Appreciate if you can advise me how to achieve this. Many thanks in advance.

  8. choke

    Yep! MC.9 does not count special stock type e in its table.
    Then if you want to use MC,9 for any purpose, please keep in mind and inform all related people for this issue and have awareness when you got any question when there is someone compare report between MC.9 with MB5b/MB5L.
    It is a nature of MC.9 that SAP denied to fix this issue in anyway.

    Hope this help,


  9. Leo

    Hi all,

    so is it impossible to get a transaction that shows all the stock x storage location (included special stock) at posting date?

  10. Paulo Lima

    I have the same problem… I will open a ticket to SAP support, does not make sense that special stock ‘E” is not included in S032… for example, it is included in S004 (sis table for sales), so, I wonder why it is not included in S032!

  11. tawanda

    I want to see the returns in a previous period for all my product lines under MB52, how can that be achieved? if not through this particular report which one can help me?

  12. KG GUPTA

    Can you please let me know the procedure to find list of material purchased in 2013 & 2014 but not consumed till date through MC.9

  13. Imran

    hi! I just want to know that how to delete multiple quotations in one go…. is there any transaction??? please help.


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