Batch determination for IM

This blog offers a quick guide on how to use standard SAP Batch Determination for a material transfer.  For an internal goods movement we need SAP to pick the batch from stock with the earliest Shelf Life Expiration Date (SLED). We don’t want our fresh products terminate themselves from stock…

1. For this we will be using standard IM search strategy ME001 – Standard Search Procedure.

IMG > Logistics > Batch Management > Batch Determination and Batch Check > Batch Search Procedure Definition > Define Inventory Management Search Procedure

IM Search Procedure

IM Search Procedure

The search procedure consists of three condition types that is plenty to us. We want the determination rule to be activated when we use Movement type 311 (Mvt from SLoc to SLoc) in Plant X for only a specific material. ME01 condition seems to fit this purpose.

2. Now we need to activate the search procedure for the movement type, otherwise it will not even begin to look for a determination procedure in the first place.

IMG > Logistics > Batch Management > Batch Determination and Batch Check > Batch Search Procedure Activation and Check Activation > Allocate IM Search Procedure/Activate Check

Activate procedure

Activate procedure

We add the Search procedure to movement type 311 and check the check box so that manually entered batch codes are validated as well.

3.  Next we need a sort rule to be able to sort batches on SLED.

IMG > Logistics > Batch Management > Batch Determination and Batch Check > Define Sort Rule

Sort rule

Sort rule

For the rule we use standard Batch Characteristic LOBM_VFDAT. This is the SLED. We need earliest batches first so we choose ‘Ascending’.

Now we did all necessary customizing. It may be necessary to create batch classes with classifications if you are not already using this. If your products are batch managed already, your materials should already be assigned a batch class in the material master. This class we will also be using in the batch determination.

4. The last step is to create a search strategy, much like message determination for document output (if you never did this, then never mind this comparison).

SAP Menu > Logistics > Central Functions > Batch Management > Batch Determination > Batch Search Strategy > For Inventory Management > MBC1 – Create

We will use strategy type ME01 and key combination Movement Type/ Plant and Material. Remember that we want the search procedure only to work for one material at time of goods transfer in one plant. If you want you can extend the procedure to all materials for movement type 311. In this case choose key combination: Movement Type/Plant. It’s that easy.

MBC1 - Create Search Strategy

MBC1 - Create Search Strategy

Here we actually enter the criteria when the batch determination should be activated: movement 311, material MRP and plant 3000. You can choose settings with regards to batch splits and whether determination should occur in dialogue mode or background. For details F1 your way through these options.

Last but not least: enter Selection criteria and Sort rule by pressing the buttons in the task bar. For selection criteria you can e.g. say SLED > 01.01.2009. It is a minimum requirement that the procedure needs. Be selecting a SLED date in the past I’m assuming that all batches are in scope (at the same I assume that expired products are taken off the shelf in time so I will not use it in my delivery process).

I will use the sort rule I created in the previous step: sort by SLED.

That should do it.


13 thoughts on “Batch determination for IM

  1. Vikas Gupta


    I am looking for a solution where I want the SELD to be rounded off..

    Say my production date is 15th Jan 2008…expiry is 12 months ie. 14th Jan 2009.

    However, I want the system to take it as Dec 2008. Is there any round-off method.

    1. Kowboy Post author

      Vikas, sounds like you something you’d solve using a user-exit like MBCFC004 Maintenance of batch specifications for goods movements. Developer could program a rounding logic. I’m not 100% the exit proposed is the correct one, but I’m sure there is one you’re looking for since I’ve implemented similar functionalities in post-processing goods movements.

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  3. nitin


    I am facing an issue in the transaction MFBF,

    whenever i backflush for a specific finished good XXX, when SAP goes into the components screen, its says ‘search strategy not found’ at the bottom, but although i am able to backflush through.

    I would like to remove the error, any suggestions , please do let me know. thanks.

  4. Nishi

    Hi Nitin,
    Add condition type for Mvt type in
    IMG > Logistics > Batch Management > Batch Determination and Batch Check > Batch Search Procedure Definition > Define Inventory Management Search Procedure

    Then Create a batch search strategy for 261 mvt without any selecion criteria and without any sort rule. Hope the problem gets resolved.

  5. Nishi

    I have a problem, where-in the available qty for batches in Batch Determination(261 in CO15) shown does not match with MMBE. How is it possible?
    My batches are non numeric and a batch may also have a name as
    “-000wip”. This happens for only a particular ordertype.
    Any idea?

  6. Nishi

    My problem above is solved, the system was doing stock determination and then when batch determination was performed it gave wrong results.


  7. Sarang Lonkar

    Please help me regarding below requriment
    This change will ensure the batches selected are above 75% of shelf life while deliver to specific Customer 5000XXX [Wockhardt EU Operations (Swiss) AG] in future. requirement is :-
    a. This configuration changes are only in respect with one customer; Customer 5000XXX in sales organization 6XXX.
    b. And delivery for less than 75% Expiry should not be possible in system. In this case next new available batches should be pickup which complete the criteria of > 75% Shelf life.

    Sarang Lonkar

  8. Macj

    Hi –
    Excellent article on Batch Determination – it helped me a great deal in answering interview questions.
    It would be nice too if you had examples to go with it.

  9. arnav

    It is very good article on Batch Determination. I have followed the step and it worked very well.
    Thanks for your efforts.

    Regards / Arnav

  10. RN

    It is very good article and this a necessary part of PIG.

    I am doing also so i know that how can do batch


    R N Patel

  11. PS


    I have 7 storage locations created , actually these are 7 WIP locations. These 7 WIP locations represent 7 production lines.

    Materials with batches will be issued (MB1B 311) to these storage locations. Now next step in the business is to do MFBF. Here it is repetitive manufacturing, but PP module is not extensively used.
    Now while MFBF for a finished product for a particular production line, I need set up a batch determination which selects batch from that to particular storage location. Now while doing MFBF, user will select production line1 in the screen, but there is nothing to say if it is production line1 , then pick from WIP1. Basically is there anything where I can relate the storage location to production line or stock determination rule to a particular production line?
    Please advice.


  12. Rajiv Sidhu

    Hi Sarang Lonkar,

    Did you find a solution to your customer specific batch determination problem? I am facing a similar challenge where many customers have different minimum remaining shelf life. I would appreciate guidance. Thanks.


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