Who do you think you are?!?

Jan Hendrik MensenI am Jan Hendrik Mensen. First name Jan Hendrik. Last name Mensen. In SAP Mental Notes I used to blog my day-to-day experiences on different SAP subjects.I did this until early 2009 after when I focused my attention towards Openbravo ERP. I am now responsible for selling and implementing this great license-free application to small and medium sized businesses.

The below presents my point-of-view at the time when I started this blog:

“During the course of my SAP career I have always relied on the internet as an important source for helping me to solve SAP challenges. I found that even the most popular web sites often (not always) fall short on explaining the ratio behind configuration and/or design solutions. In other words there is a lot of focus on the technicality and less on the business process side. My blog is not meant to revolutionize the way SAP design is presented. However, I will try to make an effort to present more background information than a lot of other sites do: a better mix of ICT and business process. For you as a reader to decide to what extent I succeed at this. You are welcome to present me with both positive and negative (constructive) feedback by leaving a comment to my posts. Also: feel free to post questions on topics you would like to see answered.”

Find my LinkedIn profile below. Feel free to connect.

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I should probably mention that SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG. Also SAP Mental Notes is not in any way affiliated to SAP AG. This is obvious perhaps, but with all these legal requirements these days it’s worth making it explicit.


7 thoughts on “Who do you think you are?!?

  1. khannaf

    Hi good work, your explaination on diff between MD04 and MD05 was excellent. cleared up the two terms well.


  2. S.K.Shan

    unable to get slow moving items by tcode MC46, as me have 2600items and having value of 19.26Cr.
    But, while i am trying to get slow moving items from the current stock.
    Result is showing 19.10Cr.
    Anyone who can explained, which field to be selected while using tcode MC46.

  3. Jane

    Love it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and equally as important, putting it in easy-to-understand language and examples.


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