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Google SAP Search

iGoogle is my portal to the web. I got it fully personalized to information that I frequently refer to: current events, sports, poker, weather, dictionary, etc. As a SAP consultant Google is one of my best friends and certainly my main referral. I now found an iGoogle gadget that is a Google Search variant. This search engine only looks for SAP results. No need to repeatedly enter keywords like “SAP” and “transaction” to find what you are looking for. You don’t have to place the gadget on your iGoogle page. You can also go to the web page:


Screen Capture

Everyone involved in creating work instruction or tutorials know the importance of having a good screen capture tool available. Quickly grab a piece of your screen and drop it in your document. There are some proper tools vailable for FREE : you can choose for a real light program called ScreenHunter that does everything you need at Wisdom Soft. Alternatively you can choose for a program that does a bit more, like directly publish the captured screen on Flickr or your Blog, at Jing Project. It is also able to record video (offered by Wisdom soft through a seperate free utility). Jing is more heavy weight and sluggish though and requires dotNet installed on your machine. Jing is from the creators of Snag-it, so expect some for-pay versions in the future. For simple and fast use ScreenHunter.

Form design: standard texts

Transporting SapScript Texts created in SO10 can be a mystery.  Transport of these texts to other clients is done using program RSTXTRAN (SE38). Here you can attach the text objects to a previously created transport.

Transport SE10 SapScript texts


If you are wondering what you can use these texts for: you can create dynamic text fields that are used by custom made forms. You can create one standard SmartForm that refers to a text item you created in SE10. When the text in the future requires a change you don’t need a programmer to modify hardcoded text in the order form. You can just modify the text in SE10.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

So this is a Kowboy entering the world of WordPress. Since this all new to me I will first need to figure out how to manage this tool. I feel rather OK that I managed to install WordPress in the first place. First question: can I introduce my Kowboyz housestyle to the blog?; 2nd: can I migrate my content to WordPress in an easy way.

To be continued…