Price differences info record

The price in the info record (EINE-NETPR) does not always agree with the price that is taken from the info record when creating a purchase order. The most common cause is that the condition was updated by condition maintenance. This will not translate into a direct update of the net price in ME13 (display info record). If you want the net price to show exactly as the info record condition, then schedule report/program RM06INP0 (SM36). This will do an update routine and synchronize prices.


3 thoughts on “Price differences info record

  1. Kelly Clevenger

    We are using the conditions that are time based. When a PO is created, it is getting the correct price that is valid during the validity time range. This is not the issue that I am facing.

    Our EINE-NETPR is not getting updated with the current price. Only the initial creation of the info record has occurred.

    My research has shown we need to run RM06INP0 to cause the sync of the EINE-NETPR to update with the current price.

    My issue now is:
    Is there any case that we would not want these to be in sync?

    When our PO’s are being created, the correct price for that material/article is being selected correctly from the conditions. When we do any querying though on the EINE-NETPR, we cannot guarantee the correct price is on the EINE-NETPR.

    Does anyone know what else this program does besides syncing the EINE-NETPR and conditional valid price? OSS-Note updates, etc…

    Thank you for your time.

  2. Kowboy Post author

    You can safely run the job. Your PO is not taking the price from the inforecord but from conditions. To keep prices in sync though you run the job. We have scheduled this program as a periodic background job on several occasions and never had anything backfiring. And if it does jsut go to monsterboard to find an alternative for your current position.

  3. Milos


    I thought that if “InfoUpdate” was checked in the PO the price in the inforecord would be updated.
    After reading your post I thought that price would only be updated after running program RM06INP0.
    But it is sill not getting updated, why?



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